Until what age does the penis grow? At what age does the penis stop growing?

For any man, the question of his masculine strength and his masculine dignity is extremely important. Therefore, from adolescence, men begin to worry about the size of their penis. If the nose and ears grow with age, other organs may remain unchanged throughout life or even shrink. In this regard, the question often arises: up to what age does the penis grow?

At what age does penis growth stop?

It is believed that the male genital organs develop during puberty, that is, at the time of puberty. This period, as a rule, begins between the ages of 9 and 14 and ends at the age of 17. It is at the age of 17 that penis growth in men ends. However, for some adolescents, growth may continue until age 22-25. As a rule, this is associated with a late onset of puberty. After 17 years, a man's penis increases in thickness, while its length decreases by about half a centimeter.

Puberty in adolescents occurs individually and can begin at different periods.. Basically, the formation of the male skeleton and secondary sexual characteristics begins between 12 and 14 years of age. At the same time, the penis begins to gradually grow and thicken. Subsequently, the sexual organ grows approximately one centimeter per year. At the same time, during puberty, the man's penis not only grows, but also develops: the testicles enlarge, the formation of the foreskin ends, and the skin of the scrotum becomes rougher.

Every man subconsciously wants to be a winner, a leader. It's no secret that the size of the penis can become both a source of pride and a source of doubt for a representative of the stronger half of humanity. That is why many are interested in the age at which the penis grows. Sometimes this issue becomes very important, since the complete development and formation of the body does not meet the expectations of man. In such cases, young men often resort to various means to enlarge the penis.

How do male reproductive organs develop?

To understand how the penis grows, it is enough to follow the entire path of its development. The formation of the penis in men occurs in the uterus, approximately in the third month of pregnancy. After the birth of a child, the length of the child's genital organ is about 1. 5 to 2. 5 centimeters. In the first period of life, that is, up to 9-10 years, the penis grows only 4-5 centimeters.

Most growth and development occurs in adolescents during their maturation period. Puberty begins between the ages of 9 and 13. At this time, hormones begin to behave actively, due to which the penis enlarges and other sexual characteristics appear.

A teenager may be dissatisfied with the lack of penis growth.

Between the ages of 15 and 16, adolescents experience so-called wet dreams: ejaculation during night sleep. It is at this time that a young person can be considered ready for sexual activity. Until 18-19 years old, penis growth continues, the foreskin develops, the testicles enlarge, and the color of the skin of the scrotum changes. The growth of the genital organ stops at the age of 22, and subsequently the length may only decrease slightly.

Do not worry if, in calm, the length of the genital organ seems quite small. Often, during arousal, the penis increases several times and lengthens. The fears of young people about the size of the male organ are quite understandable, however, one should not dwell on this, because, as practice shows, too large a penis can damage the internal organs of a woman and, accordingly, only bring itpain. Furthermore, penis size often plays no role during sexual intercourse.

What affects penis size?

The girl is pleasantly surprised by the size of the young man's penis.

There are several factors that influence how the penis grows. This is not surprising, because the growth of the sexual organ and its development is an individual process that can vary. The following circumstances can affect penis growth:

  1. Genetics. Hereditary characteristics are transmitted to each person, but it is necessary to understand that they are manifested not only in appearance, but also in the structure, growth and development of various organs.
  2. Hormonal levels. Here we are talking about several types of hormonal alterations that can reduce the amount of testosterone produced. This, in turn, will cause alterations in the development of primary sexual characteristics and perhaps even a delay in maturation.
  3. Chronic diseases. Often, chronic diseases can affect the development of the body as a whole and the functioning of individual organs. Therefore, if you suspect that the development of the genital organs is not going as it should, it is better to contact a specialist in this matter to avoid problems in the future.
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle. Bad habits, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs - all this can lead to disturbances in the development of the body. Diet and routine also have a big impact. Therefore, during adolescence it is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle and practice sports.

What penis size is considered normal?

According to statistics, most women are absolutely satisfied with the size of their man's penis. However, for men these data are not significant; For them the size of the male organ is still very important. That is why many are interested in the question: how long should a man's penis be?

According to average statistics, the normal size of the penis in an unaroused state is considered to be 7 to 10 centimeters. When erect, the appropriate penis size is 14 to 16 centimeters. In this case, the thickness of the erect penis should be 3 to 5 centimeters. A small penis (in medicine) is a penis that measures less than 10 centimeters when erect. Also in urology there is the term "micropenis", which designates a penis whose size is less than 6 centimeters in an erect state.

These indicators are only averages, so you should not obsess over them. Additionally, for most women, the length of their partner's penis is less important than other qualities of a person. After all, most women look for a potential father for future children and a husband in a man and therefore pay little attention to the size of the genitals.

What to do if your penis doesn't grow?

Often, in adolescence, young people begin to worry if the size of the penis does not change.. It is important to note that during puberty there is no need to worry about penis growth.. The fact is that during this period the development of the genital organs occurs at intervals. Growth may slow down or stop completely for a while and then accelerate sharply. Furthermore, penile development alternates between growth and thickness, so sometimes the increase in length is not noticeable.

If you are still not satisfied with the size of the penis, it is not recommended to take any serious measures, especially surgical intervention to enlarge the penis. During the period of adolescence, you can influence the growth of the genital organs by changing your diet and daily routine.

Penis size does not affect the quality of intimate life.

With the help of certain foods, you can increase the level of the hormone testosterone in the blood, which will lead to faster penis enlargement. During puberty, adolescents are recommended to consume more of the following foods:

  • Seafood. Any fish or delicacy such as shrimp, lobster, crab or mussels will work.
  • Vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that it is best to choose red and green fruits. These fruits and vegetables can boast a high lutein content. It is better to eat them raw, so that there is a chance to obtain the maximum vitamins and nutrients.
  • Greenerycool.
  • Berries. You can eat any berries, it is best to combine them with cottage cheese.
  • Meat. You can eat any sausage, but it is better to choose the least fatty varieties. It is important to steam or boil meat dishes.
  • spices. In this case, red pepper and curry seasoning works best.

It is best to include as many fresh foods as possible in your diet. As a rule, when stored for a long time in the refrigerator or frozen, most products lose all components that are nutritious and beneficial for the male body.

It has also been scientifically proven that smoking seriously affects the development of genitals in men, and not in a positive way. That is why it is important to stop smoking during the period of formation of all sexual characteristics. And, of course, it is advisable not to resort to bad habits for the rest of your life.

What causes the penis to grow?

Today you can find a lot of advertising offering a variety of means to increase the length of the penis. Men are offered miracle creams, ointments and pills that should make the penis grow almost instantly, according to advertising. However, in reality, these promises turn out to be just ploys to attract customers. There are really only two options for penis enlargement: using an extender and surgically enlarging the penis.

These methods should be used only when the penis stops growing, that is, when the transition age and puberty have already passed. When a man decides to undergo penis enlargement surgery, he is given the option of whether or not to use special implants.

The fact is that an operation is possible when the inner part of the penis is surgically stretched, thereby increasing it by 3 to 5 centimeters. Basically, these changes are enough for men. In some cases, men accept the use of implants, this occurs mainly when the initial length of the erect penis is less than 12 centimeters.

Small penis size, which can be increased with an extender.

The second option to influence penis growth is to use an extender. This device is certified and is used by a large number of men. It works by securing the penis in a state where it is stretched. When using an extender, additional cavernous and spongy tissue cells appear in the penis, resulting in an increase in both length and width.

The only drawback of such a device is that it needs to be used for six months; In a shorter period of time the desired effect cannot be achieved. You should wear the extender daily for 4 to 6 hours. This will help increase your penis size by 4 centimeters in six months. At the same time, the thickness of the genital organ will also increase significantly, since within six months there will be a significant increase in soft tissues.

The cavernous bodies are a special spongy tissue that reacts very sensitively to changes in temperature, as well as to the content of various substances in a man's blood. As a rule, the best methods for enlarging the penis are specifically aimed at the growth of cells in the corpora cavernosa. This is the simplest and safest way to increase penis size.

However, it is worth understanding that changes in penis size usually occur during the day. This is again due to the reaction of the corpus cavernosum cells to the environment. Therefore, before taking any penis enlargement product, it is necessary to consult with a specialist to see if it is suitable for you and if it can help you.